MolarManGary M. Johnson graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and practiced family dentistry for many years in Phoenix, Arizona. Parents would often ask Dr. Johnson, “How can we get our kids to brush their teeth?” To make it fun for kids to brush and floss, Dr. Johnson created a new dental superhero, “MolarMan” and the “MolarMan Club” where kids can help the Caped Crusader fight tooth decay! MM presents dental health shows at elementary and preschools where kids are motivated to eat healthy “Good Guy” snacks, brush and floss every day, and say no to drugs and tobacco use as they grow up. was then created to bring MM to children everywhere, and kids from around the world have joined the MolarMan Club.

The dental health show, “Adventures of MolarMan” is now available on DVD for school and home use in English, Spanish and American Sign Language, with an accompanying bilingual Coloring Workbook. They can be purchased for use by parents, teachers and dental offices from the “Order MM Products” section of this website.

Dr. Johnson is now a Professor at a Dental School in Phoenix and has established the non-profit Healthy Smile Foundation (HSF) to provide oral hygiene supplies and dental health educational materials to needy children. Dr. Johnson wishes to thank the Arizona Community Foundation, Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation, and the American Dental Association Foundation for contributing funding to the HSF. Ten percent of profits from sales of MolarMan products on this website are donated to Healthy Smile Foundation.