molarman“The well-being of future generations begins right now… with how we teach our children. MolarMan and the MolarMan Club were created to provide children’s oral health education for the prevention of dental caries and tobacco use in a fun and motivating medium. We invite you to use this web site and our products to achieve this purpose by teaching your children good oral health habits for a lifetime of healthy smiles.”

– Gary M. Johnson, AKA: MolarMan

Parents, Teachers, School Nurses and Dental Professionals can:

  • Order MolarMan Oral Health Education materials
  • At no charge, enroll your children in the MolarMan Club and print out free motivational Membership Cards and Certificates
  • Learn about children’s oral health from MM FAQ and Web Links
  • From the Home Page, Play the MolarMan Song twice for kids to brush their teeth along with MolarMan for two minutes until the song is done.