molarmanFrequently Asked Questions

Who is MolarMan and does he have a secret identity?
MolarMan is a dental superhero who teaches kids to help him fight tooth decay. Like most superheroes, MolarMan has a secret identity and he is Dr. Gary Johnson, a mild-mannered family dentist who helps kids with their smiles.

MolarMan wears a big red cape, can he fly?
No, MolarMan can’t fly like Superman, but he does drive a car like Batman. Batman drives the Bat Mobile and MolarMan drives the Molar Mobile.

Why does MolarMan carry a big toothbrush?
To remind kids to brush their teeth. A clean tooth can’t get tooth decay!

What is the Smile Club and who can join?
Kids and grown-ups from all over the world are joining the Smile Club to help MolarMan fight cavities and create beautiful healthy smiles. There is no charge to join, and members can print out Membership Cards and 8×10 Certificates suitable for framing.

What causes tooth decay?
If you eat something sticky and sugary, it can get stuck in your teeth. There are some teeny tiny microscopic germs that can live in your mouth. They are so small you can’t even see them. These “Sugar Bugs” eat the sugar and they make a hole in your tooth. That’s how tooth decay and a cavity get started.

What is Plaque?
When you eat food, you swallow most of it but some of it sticks to your teeth. The Sugar Bugs mix up with the extra food and form a sticky, gooey film called “Plaque”. This icky stuff can cause lots of cavities, so it is important to brush this sticky stuff off every day.

When is the best time of day to brush your teeth?
In the morning when you wake up is a good time, and at night before you go to bed. But the best time is right after you eat because that’s when you have the most food and plaque on your teeth, and you can get the most cavities.

Why do we have to floss our teeth?
Your toothbrush bristles can’t reach in between your teeth to get the plaque out, so you need to use a special string called “dental floss” everyday so you don’t get cavities between your teeth.

Do we have to floss all of our teeth?
Only the ones you want to keep, and MolarMan wants to keep all of his!

What happens if we get a cavity and we don’t get it fixed by our dentist? The cavity can get bigger and bigger until your tooth falls apart and you get a really bad toothache! So, it’s important to visit your dentist twice a year to get your teeth checked for any new cavities that may have started.

What kind of snacks should we eat?
There are two kinds of snacks: The Good Guy snacks like fruits and vegetables that are good for your teeth; and the Bad Guy snacks like candy, cookies and soda pop with lots of icky, sticky sugar that can cause lots of cavities.

What should we do if we eat a Bad Guy snack?
Brush your teeth right away to get the sugar off before the Sugar Bugs can eat the sugar and cause tooth decay. MolarMan has a better idea. Eat the Good Guy snacks so you don’t get cavities!

Why is it so important to never try smoking or chewing tobacco?
Once you start it is very easy to get addicted and then you can’t stop. Smoking cigarettes can make you cough and cause cancer in your lungs. Chewing tobacco can cause sores and cancer in your mouth. So always Say No to chewing and smoking tobacco.